"Détente" Candle Lavander, amethyst crystal

"Détente" Candle Lavander, amethyst crystal

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The crystalline candles are handmade in my workshop and they are made of soy wax, organic essential oils, dried flowers & semi-precious stones.

A raw crystal of amethyst is hidden in the core of each candle and it is ready to send you its energies as the candle burns. It is accompanied by small amethyst tumbled stones that adorn the top of each candle.

The goodnesses of stones & essential oils are diffused in your home thanks to the heat of the combustion of the candle.

The crystals & essential oils chosen create a synergy and each aspect of the candle, essential oils, crystals, dried flowers strengthen the dynamic.

The candle « Détente » will allow you to create an atmosphere of rest & relaxation. The properties of amethyst are the healing of the soul and its capacity to ease the fears.

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100% made of soy wax you have got the guarantee it is completely natural, non-polluting for your home and vegan.

Each candle is available in 2 sizes. The small one is 60ml and can last around 20 hours. The big one is 120ml and can last around 30 hours. The burning time of the candle is an estimation and may vary depending of the atmosphere of your home.

The glass jar is reusable as are the crystals. Soy wax is very easy to clean with hot soapy water.

Oracle candles are delivered ready to use in a pouch made of natural linen. They are shipped in a carton filled with pine fibers to protect them from any shock during their journey to your home. The shipment is made via a tracked parcel to ensure safety & traceability of your order.

Warning : essential oils are not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women as well as for children under 6.

Directions for use : 

  • Make sure the candle is placed on a flat surface and protected from any air stream.
  • Do not let a candle burn unattended.
  • Cut the black end off of the wick or residue before lighting it.
  • Let the candle burn in a way that its surface is completely liquid in order to prevent the formation of a well.
  • Do not let the candle burn more than 2 hours in a row to promote its durability.
  • Do not close the lid when the candle is lit.
  • Wait until the wax is totally quenched before moving the candle.
  • Closed the lid of the candle when it is completely out and cold in order to protect the wax from the dust.