Ghost Quartz Crystal Necklace

Ghost Quartz Crystal Necklace


The necklace is made of an ghost quartz crystal handcrafted in my workshop with an alloy of silver, then worned and varnished.

The ghost quartz is a crystal having developed in several stages and keeping tracks of various strata of its evolution.

The gemstone is set in a chain locked by a snap hook made of sterling silver. You can choose the length of the chain: 45 cm, 60 cm or 75 cm. If you want a different length please contact me and I will customise the chain according to your preferences.

The gemstone is about 5 cm.

Enjoy all the effects brought by quartz by carrying it in its most natural and purest form.

Quartz is lithotherapy stone par excellence, known for its healing powers, amplification and harmonization. It recreates the balance but also improves the vibrations of other stones. It is a gem that helps concentration and meditation while eliminating negativity.

Each stone is unique and therefore may vary from the one pictured. You can contact me to choose a different stone for your necklace. I will then send you pictures of the jewels I have in stock so you can make your choice.

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Oracle jewelry are handcrafted with care in order to bring you magic, authenticity & poetry. All our gemstones are real et we take care to choose nickel and lead free metals. That's why all your creations are 2 years guarantee.

Please let me give you some advices to prevent your jewelry of getting old too soon :

* Take them off when you swim or take a bath
* Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions … etc
* Wash them using a soft cloth
* Store them carefully in the original package provided or in any suitable storage.

Oracle jewels are delivered ready to offer in a natural flaxseed bag. They are shipped with a recorded delivery to assure you safety & traceability.