Golden Obsidian Necklace

Golden Obsidian Necklace


The necklace is made of an golden obsidian handcrafted in my workshop with a blend of silver and copper.

The gemstone is set in a chain locked by a snap hook made of sterling silver. You can choose the length of the chain: 45 cm, 60 cm or 75 cm. If you want a different length please contact me and I will customise the chain according to your preferences.

This jewel is a one of a kind entierely made from raw materials.

Enjoy all the effects brought by obisdian by carrying it in its most natural and purest form.

Longueur de la chaine:
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Oracle jewelry are handcrafted with care in order to bring you magic, authenticity & poetry. All our gemstones are real et we take care to choose nickel and lead free metals. That's why all your creations are 2 years guarantee.

Please let me give you some advices to prevent your jewelry of getting old too soon :

* Take them off when you swim or take a bath
* Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions … etc
* Wash them using a soft cloth
* Store them carefully in the original package provided or in any suitable storage.

Oracle jewels are delivered ready to offer in a natural flaxseed bag. They are shipped with a recorded delivery to assure you safety & traceability.