Labradorite pendant

Labradorite pendant


The necklace is made of a labradorite cabochon with a drop shape handcrafted in my workshop with an alloy of silver, then worned and varnished.

This gemstone has an magnificent brightness oscillating between the fawn, the blue lagoon and a point of green.

The gemstone is set in a 45 cm chain locked by a snap hook made of sterling silver. If you want a different length please contact me and I will customise the chain according to your preferences.

Enjoy all the effects brought by labradorite by carrying it in its most natural and purest form.

Labradorite is well known for its protective virtues against psychic energies & negative thoughts. She improved the mental acuity while bringing balance & consistency in feelings. It is a gem that helps to overcome moments of anxiety while improving inspiration & intuition.

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Oracle jewelry are handcrafted with care in order to bring you magic, authenticity & poetry. All our gemstones are real et we take care to choose nickel and lead free metals. That's why all your creations are 2 years guarantee.

Please let me give you some advices to prevent your jewelry of getting old too soon :

* Take them off when you swim or take a bath
* Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions … etc
* Wash them using a soft cloth
* Store them carefully in the original package provided or in any suitable storage.

Oracle jewels are delivered ready to offer in a natural flaxseed bag. They are shipped with a recorded delivery to assure you safety & traceability. 

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Please feel free to contact me would you have any questions !